Where does Luggage Collective Ship to?

We currently ship to Sydney & Melbourne Metro only. We use Couriers Please and Australia Post for next day shipping within Sydney & Melbourne metro areas. We can ship to residential or business addresses and hotels. We can not ship to PO boxes.

Why only Sydney & Melbourne?

We have warehouses in Sydney & Melbourne. Our large suitcases are too big for the Australia Post network, and shipping large boxes with couriers outside metro areas is prohibitively expensive. If you are travelling through Sydney or Melbourne we can organise for your rentals to meet you somewhere. Or if you are outside Sydney or Melbourne metro and would like to hire, please get in touch with us and we can get a shipping quote for you.

How much is shipping?

We charge $9.95 per large box. We nest smaller items inside the biggest bag and pack into one box. If 2 or more large suitcases are ordered it is an additional $9.95 per large box. This fee includes free return shipping.

Do I need to sign for delivery?

As we use a courier service we require our customers to either sign for delivery, have an authorised person sign for delivery or approve the 'authority to leave' at check-out if you have a safe place for your parcel. We recommend having your parcel delivered to your work or a family member if you are not likely to be home and have no ATL (authority to leave) as re-delivery attempts may cause delays.

What is Authority to Leave?

Authority to leave is to allow the courier driver to leave your box in a safe and weatherproof location at your property if you're not home. Please provide details in the note section at check-out, for example "ATL front porch", "ATL back door".

What happens if I miss my delivery?

If you miss your delivery, your box will be returned to your local courier depot for attempts to re-deliver the following day. Unfortunately not all areas offer collection from the depot, and re-delivery attempts are unreliable in their timing which may cause delays to your order. Re-delivery attempts may also cause re-delivery fees.

How long does delivery take?

We pre-book your delivery for 2 business days prior to your rental period. Delivery will be same day or next day, meaning at latest they should arrive 1 business day prior to your rental window. Return collection happens the business day following the last day or your rental period. Delivery and collection do not take place on weekends or public holidays, so delivery or pick up will move to the business day prior (delivery) or following (pick up).

Can I track my items?

Yes our booking system automatically generates reminders in the lead up to your rental period and emails you parcel tracking numbers so you can follow your booking online.


How do I return my rentals?

Your return pick up is pre-booked with your delivery. When you open your box you will notice a return shipping label and some tape inside. When you have finished with your items, simply place the covers back on, place in the box, tape it up and secure the shipping label. Have it ready for your courier booking or leave it in your pick up location nice and early (we recommend the night before), and our courier will collect the box from you. Please ensure your items are available for collection on the booked day, failure to collect may result in late fees and re-booking fees.

What if my return date is a weekend or Public Holiday?

Your return collection is booked for the business day following the last day of your rental period. So if your rental period ends on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then the collection will be the following Monday. If there is a Public Holiday, it will be the next business day. You are not charged for having your items on weekend or public holiday days.

Do you charge late fees?

We send a text message reminding you of your collection date to help you avoid late return. If your items are late, there is a late fee of $30 per day. However if we receive notice from you, more than 24 hours before the end of your booking period, we will help you to extend your booking period at the regular rental rates and re-book your pick-up for one day following the end of your revised booking period. For this reason, please contact us ASAP if you are experiencing travel delays or plan to extend your trip.Contact details are supplied in your manual and pin access card.


How long can I hire luggage for?

We offer hire for 7 days, 14 days and 28 days. Delivery and pick up occur one day prior and one day following your hire period, so you have your items for the full booking period. We do recommend allowing yourself time for delays, trial packing, packing and unpacking. If you wish to hire luggage for longer than 28 days, please get in touch with us at hello@theluggagecollective.com.au

What happens if I order the wrong size?

We have done our best to accurately describe the size, volume and packing guides for each of our rental bags. Please take the time to read up prior to hiring to ensure you get the right size. If however you find your stuff just won't fit, if there is time we can organise an exchange if the larger or smaller size is available. There will be a $19.95 additional shipping fee for an exchange.

How much does it cost to rent?

We are very competitive and offer bags to rent at as little as 5% of the retail price, with prices general 5-20% of the RRP. The bags are better value the longer you hire them, and we offer discounts for multiple hires.

Is all the rental luggage new?

We purchase all the bags brand new and rent them for up to 2 years depending on condition. All luggage is cleaned prior to use and we have checked that everything is in good working order. Due to the nature of travel, it's not uncommon for the luggage to have minor external scuff marks or scrapes. If a bag is working well functionally but looks a little worse for wear, we will sell it through our ex-rental page to ensure our collection is looking as good as can be!

Is all the rental luggage new?

We purchase all the bags brand new and rent them for up to 2 years depending on condition. All luggage is cleaned prior to use and we have checked that everything is in good working order. Due to the nature of travel, it's not uncommon for the luggage to have minor external scuff marks or scrapes. If a bag is working well functionally but looks a little worse for wear, we will sell it through our ex-rental page to ensure our collection is looking as good as can be!

Can I buy/keep my rental luggage if I like it?

Yes! We include a card inside each of our bags with its current market price. We factor in the price of the item to buy new, plus it's condition and availability. If you would like to purchase your bag from us, please let us know before the end of your rental period, and we will charge you the balance owing (market price less rental fee).

I want to rent something not on your site, is this possible?

If you would like to rent something that is not currently on offer, please get in touch, we will assess the item and may well add it to our collection! If we do so, we will give you first reservation!

When should I book?

Bookings are open up to a year in advance, we recommend getting in early to make sure your desired items are available, especially if you are travelling at a peak time.

Do you guarantee cabin bags are allowed on board?

No, we don't. We provide the bags weight and dimensions when empty, and provide as much up to date information as possible to help guide your choices, however carry on allowances can differ flight to flight even with the same airline, depending on the plane. Please ensure you check the details specific to your flight for cabin bags, travel prams and garment carriers. And also be aware that overseas airlines have different allowances, particularly budget airlines. We also recommend buying and purchasing digital luggage scales to ensure you don't exceed weight allowances and incur fees.

Cancellations, Cleaning, Damage & Lost Bags

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your order up to 4 business days prior to the start of your rental period. Within 4 days you will be charged a $30 cancellation fee which covers work already carried out on your order (administration, cleaning and delivery bookings) We will provide a refund for cancelled bookings, less the cancellation fee if applicable.

Can I change my booking?

Yes. Up to 4 days prior to your booking you can swap, change or add to your booking. However we can not guarantee product availability this close to dispatch. If you want to make changes, get in touch and we'll help you out.

Do I need to clean the luggage?

No. All you need to do is unpack, and double check all the pockets for personal belongings, remove any stickers or labels, then box back up and have it ready for the courier. We will take care of the cleaning.

What happens if I damage the bag?

There are 3 types of mishaps that usually occur with luggage; 1. a broken part or unexpected fault, this is covered under warranty and we will take care of it for you. 2. Airline damage, this is when a case has become damaged whilst checked in with your airline, if this happens we ask that you follow the steps in your pamphlet and get in touch with us ASAP so we can process a claim with the airline. 3. Accidental Damage caused by you, which may include such things as jammed zippers, spills, stains, cuts etc. We offer up to $150 accidental damage at checkout for $4.95 per bag. We will charge you for accidental damage (less the $150 cover if you take it out), with the maximum charge being the market price of the bag, which is written on a card you will receive with your bag. We supply a comprehensive 'what to do in case of damage' guideline with the bag, please read prior to departure and follow the steps outlined.

What happens if I lose the bag?

Unfortunately lost or stolen luggage is a part of travel. In this instance we ask that you first lodge a report with the appropriate party (airline or police) and try to track down your luggage. We also ask that you contact us ASAP so we can amend your booking to minimise any late fees. If the worst case scenario is a lost bag, we will charge you the market price of the bag, which we issue on a card inside your suitcase. We will supply a receipt for you so you can claim the lost luggage cost with your travel insurance.

Can you track our bag?

Bag tracking devices have not proven to be very effective as they rely on crowd force. We have included a unique serial code and our contact details on all bags though, if someone finds your bag and contacts us, we will contact you via text to help reunite you with your lost bag. We do also advise adding a name tag with a contact number or email address that you will be using while travelling.

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