We take you through our selection process for finalising our Backpacks and Duffel Bags range

Anti-Theft, Easy to Pack and Adjustable Harnesses are just the start of what we look for in terrific backpacks and duffels, we take you into our selection process for rental backpacks and duffel bags.The backpacks and duffel bag category is more complex than suitcases, as people use the bags in far more varied and specialised ways. We had the challenge of selecting the most useful, yet most versatile products for each category, which, with our resulting choices, we think we’ve managed to pinpoint the right products for lots of specialised travel, but we also think the options we’ve supplied will upgrade your luggage experience by introducing items you may not have previously considered.

Daypacks – Pacsafe Anti-Theft Travel Daypacks

When we think of anti-theft travel gear our minds typically go to tourists wearing socks and sandals laden with bum-bags and neck pouches just screaming ‘rob me I don’t belong here’. What we don’t think of immediately are the times you’d like to have a snooze on the long bus trip but can’t secure your tech; the fact that you might like to have a swim with your kids but can’t leave your passports and money unsecured on the beach; wanting a surf but nowhere safe to leave your stuff; or wanting to just enjoy the sights of Barcelona or Madrid without being anxious about pickpocketing or theft. We’ve picked the Pacsafe anti-theft daypacks for just this reason, they give you freedom and flexibility to enjoy your trip, to take part in activities and just have peace of mind.Ideal for solo travel, for a couple or a family, a Pacsafe backpack has room for your daily essentials, it’s lockable, can be secured and locked to a pole or fixed furniture, has anti-slash mesh and straps, is weather resistant and has RFID blocking compartments. Possibly not something you would invest in for a typical holiday, but when it’s available to rent, it’s a bit of a ‘why not, it will make life easier’ item.We have 3 versions available; 

 • A camera pack – suitable for storing your DSLR camera, laptop and daily essentials

 • Venturesafe X30 – a generous all rounder daypack with laptop compartment

 • Drysafe Weatherproof Bag – which is perfect if you’re going to be around water, it’s essentially a travel safe with water resistant material and zippers, suited to surfers, beach trips, boating, poolside and so much more. 

 If you cast your mind back over all your trips, including local driving holidays, we bet you could find an instance where being able to lock and tie up your daypack would open your holiday up to a new adventure. Jumping off your boat tour to swim with the dolphins, saying yes to an unplanned workout or game, so many times! Try it and report back to us!  

Travel Packs – Osprey Farpoint/Fairview Range 

A comfortable, custom fit harness, all the convenience of a backpack for adventure travel without the annoying backpack layout. The Farpoint and Fairview are the same bag, the Farpoint being the men’s design and the Fairview for women. These Osprey bags offer the ultimate in harness technology with anti-gravity design which offers customised fit, on the fly adjustments and great air flow. Whilst these bags are not designed for long multi-day hiking adventures, they are the perfect crossover bag for adventure travel which incorporates extended periods of carrying.The Farpoint/Fariview backpack is available in 3 sizes, cabin size (40 litres), medium and large, with the Farpoint also available in an extra-large. This covers a multitude of trips. These packs pack like a suitcase, not like a backpack, which is their main point of difference. You can access your gear without needing to pull everything out, it can stay tidy and organised, even for long trips. The medium and large have removable daypacks giving you great versatility when you travel.The Farpoint and Fairview is terrific for backpacking; it’s ideal for holidays which will incorporate some hiking, cycling or safari style activity. It’s also great for touring type holidays where you may take small ‘trip in trip’ jaunts where you need to carry your gear – for example a cruise with a 2-day hike option.The 40 litre one is cabin size and a great option to take as your daypack/cabin bag in conjunction with a larger suitcase if you plan on doing some day trips or overnight adventures.

Wheeled Duffel Backpacks – Osprey Sojourn 

The Osprey Sojourn is a hugely popular bag the world over as it is so perfect for so many different types of travel. Osprey is our preferred adventure bag as they are SO well built, they completely back their products, and of the thousands we’ve sold over the years, our customers have been so happy with them and we’ve seen hardly a handful come back in for repair.The Sojourn is a wheeled duffel bag with backpack harness. The duffel is generous and packs like a suitcase, with padded sides making it easy to pack and organise your gear. The wheels are oversized and designed for rough surfaces, they sit on a high road chassis meaning there is no issue on dirt roads, cobblestones, grass and anything else you might find yourself dragging your bag over. The handle is solid and reliable, and the bag itself is intuitive to pack and use.The harness on the Sojourn is satisfyingly substantial for a wheeled bag, it’s well padded, comfortable and is adjustable to suit your size; it offers terrific support for the load of the bag and is suitable for long days of carrying, though perhaps not hiking. The Sojourn is ideal for backpackers, it’s tough enough to handle the demands of mixed travel and mixed transport, with the reality being backpackers can wheel their bag 80% of the time.The Sojourn is also perfect for any travel where a suitcase may be too rigid. The Sojourns pack well into car boots, boats, safari transport, buses and trains. They give you the option of carrying as needed, useful for a few days camping or cruising or even if you Parisian Airbnb is up 6 flights of stairs (which most of them seem to be!). The Sojourns are far more versatile than a suitcase, easy to pack and manage and terrific quality, we recommend them over a suitcase in many circumstances.The Sojourn 22 measures a total outer dimension of 116cm, 1cm over most carry-on allowances. Being a soft bag, it it’s not packed to capacity it can be squished down to within the limit. This then makes this bag a terrific option for short getaways, it has a 45L capacity which is about 10L bigger than an average carry-on suitcase and is perfect for a long weekend up to a week if you’re a light packer.

Wheeled Duffel Bags – Osprey Wheeled Transporter

The Osprey Wheeled Transporter is a relatively new releaseand is already a firm favourite for its versatility and usability. Whilstsimple in concept, these bags are few and far between! It’s a straightforwardduffel, with a generous packing space, but it’s made from weatherproof coated nylonand the oversized zips are covered making it weatherproof enough to use on theroof racks, boating trips or ski trips.

The beauty of this bag though is that whilst tough, anddurable, the trolley system and wheels are very capable and make handling thisbag a breeze. It’s perfect for airline travel, and the oversizes wheels on thehigh chassis handle rough surfaces with ease. There are additional lash pointsso it can be tied down to roof racks or similar with ease.

This is a case of when simple is so hard to find! This bagis such a no brainer for sports or adventure travellers, and yet there isnothing else like it!

We’ve made it available to hire, as many people take part inonce off adventure trips, such as skiing, chartering a boat or extended roadtrips, so may not have any need for this bag beyond their trip. It’s also aterrific option for school camps or team sports travel.


This duffel is available in 3 sizes, the small is cabin suitableso terrific for a weekend getaway; the medium is generous with space for acouple of weeks and the large is a monster, one of the biggest capacity bagsavailable. 

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