We take you through our selection process for finalising our Rental Suitcase range

When there are thousands of suitcase options available, how did we end up with the 30 or so rental products that we chose? Well, with over 15 years working in or alongside the luggage industry, helping customers daily with their luggage selections and extensive experience selecting bags, we came to our list of 30 or so products by choosing the bags that offer the best value, quality, reliability, style and unique function to our customers.We’re passionate about giving our customers the best, most relevant options, so we’ve provided some insight into our decision-making process below.

Hardside Suitcases

Economy Choice: Antler Juno 2

The Antler Juno 2 is a hugely popular choice for casual travellers, it also won the Choice consumer awards in its category in 2018. The Juno 2 has the key elements we look for including being lightweight, but not so lightweight that it is flimsy (the Juno is well built and reliable); double spinner wheels; easy to pack interior with zipped fabric divider; built in TSA look and stylish enough for any member of the family as well as business travel. The Juno 2 also has the bonus of being expandable and extremely generous in packing space.The Juno 2 and earlier Juno model have been around for a number of years and have a proven track record for great performance. The textured shell and horizontal pattern help protect from bumps and grazes and minimises the appearance of any it picks up along the way, meaning the Juno still looks great after a few trips.

Deluxe Choice: Samsonite Lite-Cube DLX

Samsonite has a range of hard suitcases they classify as ‘Curv’, this is their premium range and is named for the material these suitcases are made out of which is the lightest and most resilient on the market. The Cuv suitcase are up to 2kg’s lighter than other suitcases the same size, and the shell is so flexible and resilient that other suitcases have not been able to come near it in weight or performance for a decade.The Lite-Cube is our pick of the Curv range as the double wheels and double handles offer better functionality than the other models in the range. It’s ever so slightly heavier, but the trade off is worth it for easier handling and packing versatility. The Lite-Cube DLX is a luxury choice with stunning toffee coloured leather trim, and a premium interior. This is a truly special suitcase which is lovely to pack, lovely to use and lovely to look at. It’s light, well built, has double wheels, premium interior with packing aid and built in TSA lock.The Lite-Cube DLX has a lofty price tag to purchase new, generally beyond what a casual traveller may be willing to spend, so renting it for your trip is the perfect solution!

Softside Suitcases

Economy Choice: American Tourister Applite 3

Similar to the Juno, the Applite has been around for a few years (Applite, Applite 2.0, now Applite 3.0) and has a proven record for reliability and performance. It’s our top ‘all-rounder’ softside suitcase as it meets our criteria; very lightweight; user friendly and easy to pack; double spinner wheels; built in TSA lock; stylish whilst conservative enough to appeal to everyone in the family and fine for business use and with the bonus features of being expandable and having 4 sizes in the range.Everything is right where it should be on the Applite, it’s not complicated, but it just gets it right! It’s the suitcase you use that does its job well in only a way that you realise it’s being done well if you use a similar suitcase that’s just not quite as intuitive. The handles are in the right spots, the zips work well, even the interior lining (yellow!) serves a purpose, making it easy to see your items inside.

Deluxe Choice: Victorinox Werks Traveller 6.0

Where the Applite is simple, yet intuitive, the Victorinox Werks Traveller is the Swiss Army Knife of suitcases (makes sense as all Victorinox suitcases are modelled after the knife). The Werks Traveller series anticipates your every possible requirement and adapts accordingly for leisure travel, business travel or a mix of both. Loaded with features including a removable garment sleeve, a ‘pack-more’ packing system, removable business sleeves and generous expandability, the Werks is seriously hard working.The Werks Traveller range has been around for 10+ years, now into it’s 6th series it has remained at the top of its game in terms of quality, handling and durability all that time. Our experience has seen it outperform Tumi, Rimowa and Hartmann and is typically a frequent traveller preferred brand. What we’re so excited about by offering it in our rental collection is it brings all the travel benefits of this exceptional suitcase to casual travellers, who previously may have discounted it as being too big of an investment for infrequent travel.

Images via @antlerluggageoz, @mysamsonite, @americantourister_au, @victorinox with thanks
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